Database of the historical series of fisheries production in the middle Madeira River region, southwest of the Amazon, from 2001 to 2013




Fishery production, Middle Madeira River, Fisheries in southern Amazonas, Artisanal fishery data, Fishing management


The Amazon is very important regarding the continental extractive fishing as it has the greatest diversity of freshwater fish in the world. Some factors can contribute to identify significant changes in fish production, such as characterization based on common names, and synonyms or classifications only at the genus level. This creates noise in different types of analyzes and mistakes in determining effective productions, as well as levels of exploitation for management. Thus, this study aims to demonstrate the variation in fish production over the years 2001 and 2013, using control data from the fishing colony "Dr. Renato Pereira Gonçalves Z-31" in the municipality of Humaitá, southern Amazonas. These data were analyzed by collaborators from the Laboratory of Ichthyology and Fisheries Management of the Madeira River Valley, at the Federal University of Amazonas. The fish landing monitoring allowed the determination of the species caught in the regional fishery and evaluated the effect of the hydrological level and the pre- and post-installation periods of the Santo Antônio and Jirau HPPs in Rondônia, on the total production. The data set showed the significant decrease in fish production between 2008 and 2013. Among the factors that explain the observed changes are the mistakes in determining the effective production due to the lack of criteria in the grouping of many species, the absence of regulations, such as the "Portaria IBAMA Nº 48" which was created only in 2007, in addition to the installation period of the HPPs on the Madeira River. It was also possible to verify the effect of seasonality through hydrological quotas on fish production, with the highest values observed in July, August and September of the years analyzed.


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