Database of oceanographic anomalies and atmospheric surface fluxes for the study of climate change in the Brazilian Northeast.




SODA, TROPFLUX, GPCP, Anomalies, Brazilian Northeast


This paper presents three datasets of anomalies of oceanic physical parameters and surface atmospheric fluxes in the northeast region of Brazil, geographically limited by 42.5°W - 29.75°W / 20.5°S - 1.25°N, calculated from the SODA, TROPFLUX and GPCP datasets. The DASAF-BNE (Daily Anomalies of the Surface Atmospheric Fluxes of the Brazilian Northeast), DRA-BNE (Daily Rainfall Anomalies in the Brazilian Northeast), and MAOP-BNE (Monthly Anomalies of Oceanographic Parameters in the Brazilian Northeast) datasets are generated with 0.25° resolution bilinearly interpolating the original datasets. This database includes four files in NetCDF format, which facilitates its handling due to the diversity of freeware tools that exist, DASAF-BNE and DRA-BNE have a daily frequency, while MAOP-BNE has a monthly frequency. This database is mainly intended to research climate changes in the Brazilian Northeast.


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