Database of lizard (Squamata: Sauria) occurrence from Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.




Atlantic Forest, Inventory, Citizen-science, Sauria, Lacertilia


The dataset includes data about the occurrence of lizards in the state of Santa Catarina, between years of 1896 and 2020, through non-published records from specimens housed in scientific collections, as well as records collected by the author itself and other people in the course of a citizen-science project held in social media. A total of 1208 occurrence records from 17 native lizard species were compiled, being 902 from scientific collections (75%) and 306 from citizen-science project (25%). Most recorded species were Ophiodes sp. (n=213), Salvator merianae (n=199), Enyalius iheringii (n=172), Liolaemus occipitalis (n=90) and Contomastix vacariensis (n=88). These data have high potential to be used in subsequent revisions of the redlist of threatened fauna from Santa Catarina and it also may serve as a baseline for long-term monitoring of species occurrence patterns. Data may also aid delineation of conservation strategies for lizard species in Santa Catarina and it may fulfil some knowledge gaps (Wallacean shortfall).


COSTA, H. C. et al. Lista de répteis do Brasil: padrões e tendências. Herpetologia Brasileira, v. 10, n. 3, p. 110-279, 2022. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5838950

GAVA-JUST, J.P. Guia Ilustrado: Lagartos de Santa Catarina. 1ª Edição. Nova Veneza: Edição Própria, 2022. V. 1.



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