Database of wild animals run over on the SP-191, SP-308 and SP-310 highways.




Wildlife, Highways, Roadkill, Mortality, Road network


This datebase goal is to demonstrate animals species affected by hit-and-run crashes on the following roadways SP-191, SP-308 and SP-310, all of them located in São Paulo, those highways connect São Pedro city to Araras city (SP-310), Charqueada city to Piracibada city (SP- 308) and Cordeirópolis city to São Carlos city (sp-310). Dated between years 2019 to 2022, the concessionaires Eixo-SP and Intervias, based on the occurrences, carried out a survey of the wild fauna run over in the stretches mentioned above, and have made a spreadsheet containing the common and scientific from affected species, date, hour, coordenations (UTM), kilometrage, road direction, animal destination (live or dead) or if something happened to the animal's carcass. From the spreadsheets, the most committed species were analyzed, taking into account the total number of occurrences and the number of animals of each species. The data present in this work contain relevant information on which species are most affected by road kill in the given regions.


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